• Freelancer Account Apr 21, 2019

    OMG. Cats and Dogs Getting Along 🙀

    I know, it sounds ridiculous, to think that the puppies and kitties can get along. Keep scrolling and you'll see some proof that this can happen, and it can happen all the time. Do you have a cat and a dog, do they get along?  First is this momma dog trying to help out these kitties, teaching them the ways of the doggo!     If you get a dog early,...


  • Freelancer Account Apr 06, 2019

    How cats show they own you and your home? Part 1

    We all have had those thoughts, where we wonder if the chair, carpet, and floor we stand on is actually ours or not. Heck, why not throw in your whole house because how sure are you that everything you own isn't really your cats?  Sure, they seem all innocent and cute with their big eyes and silky fur, but ignore them for a second and this is what happens.Take for...


  • Sammy Q Feb 16, 2019

    Why Do Cats Like Boxes so Much?

    Among the many mysteries this world has, one that continues to mystify us is why cats like cardboard boxes so much. Cat owners would go to the extent of buying expensive toys only to found out that their cat would prefer the cardboard box that comes with the toy. No matter the size and the shape, house cats are always fascinated with boxes. Scientifically speaking, the very reason why all...


  • Sammy Q Feb 10, 2019

    How do Cats age? Is it similar to Humans?

    It is often said that a year in a human’s life is equal to 7 years in a cat’s life. However, there is no scientific proof of that. Yet, it is widely accepted that the 25 years of existence of a human is the same as the 2 years of existence of a feline. And each year following that is equivalent to 4 years in the cat’s world. Hence cats...


  • Freelancer Account Nov 17, 2018

    Cat Myths: Why Do Cats chatter? Are they having conversations with each other?

    Cats are awesome companions, and everyone loves it when they come up to you and rub their back against you while purring, and you don't even want to move when your cat falls asleep on your lap because you don't want to disturb their sweet slumber.