Jul 14, 2019

Yes, these cat's will make you sad you don't have one, but it's okay, bask in their light and enjoy! Let us know which one you love the most, I know it's going to be hard to choose. 

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Many consider Smoothie to be the most photogenic cat in the world but there's a lot of competition. Check out the rest of the kitties below. What makes her stand out is that she has the eyes that reduces any human to a loving person. Yes. What i'm saying is if you had this cat you would feed it anything and buy any toy she wants. 

smoothie photogenic cat


Are those horns? 

This cat has some of the most beautiful fur and those on the ear makes the fur look like it's a horn. If you know what kind of cat this is, let us know and educate other cat lovers. Would love to know more about how I can get them, they seem quite rare as this is the first time I've seen this breed (if it's a breed). 


Growing up! 

Baby kittens are what always gets me. I just have the softest spots for them especially when they are this cute and cuddly. It's surprising how fast cats grow, they go from a small playful kitten to a big cat ready to claw your face if you rub it the wrong way. However, they are quite photogenic and superbly cute!


Mustache Cat

Even without the signature mustache this cat is quite beautiful with a great blend of grey and white fur. I love the white mane and the mustache is gorgeous! I wonder how many cats have something like this, let us know if you want to see a post only about cats with pawesome fur patterns! 



Lion Kitty? 

This cat has to have the most resemblance to an older cat with maybe characteristics back to it's origin. What's incredible is the depth in it's eyes and the long fur covering the mane. What's not to admire and love!


Flower Kitty

The flower and blue eyes are quite amazing in this photo. She's so photogenic that it almost seems fake, but it isn't. There's more photos of @aurorapurr on instagram and check that out for more amazing phoogenic cat pics. 

@aurorapurr on Instagram 

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