Apr 06, 2019

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We all have had those thoughts, where we wonder if the chair, carpet, and floor we stand on is actually ours or not. Heck, why not throw in your whole house because how sure are you that everything you own isn't really your cats? 

Sure, they seem all innocent and cute with their big eyes and silky fur, but ignore them for a second and this is what happens.Take for example this kitty who decided that the chimney would be a great place to climb. 

Or what about this one? He wants the fish, and there's not really a lot you can do to stop him. He set on it and plans to devour it whole once he gets a chance to. 

I know, you think you can get mad and discipline them. I mean, that's the right thing to do. Everything goes according to plan until you see them with their bright blue eyes like this and give up all hope. 

cutest sleeping face

  Credits to @mino_ris


Fine. Those eyes are too adorable and you'll forgive them, this one time. You go back and start watching TV again on the couch before you hear something in your room drop and break. 

cat broke the plant

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  • Posted On April 07, 2019 by Tatiana Tsukanova


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