• Ivan Zhang Jan 18, 2020

    When cats turn from cute to scary! 4 pictures to show that off

    We all know cats can be incredibly cute and cuddly! I even have one of my beautiful cats here at my desk just hanging out. Yet i'm sure we all know that cat's might just turn at any moment and get us.


  • Cats and Babies, Are they Compatible with Each Other?

    It is a common concern for many pet owners whether cats and babies are compatible or not. Some of the parents worry to bring a cat to home as it may affect the health of their baby. On the other hand, some decide to not consider having a baby since they already have a cat at home.


  • Ivan Zhang Jan 04, 2020

    Are cat's crazy or what? Part 1

    Sometimes they get the zoomies, sometimes they just start meowing in the middle of the night. If you've seen this you might think that your cat is crazy, you may be right!


  • Freelancer Account Aug 07, 2019

    Smartest Cats in the World

    Although they may sleep for half of their lives and do all the funniest things, they are also sometimes the smartest animal in the room. Cat's are incredibly curious and to go along with their fast reflexes is some quick thinking skills. Here's a couple of gifs to help you further understand why cat's are among the smartest animals around us.  Finding Food Cats are smart and know when there's...


  • Freelancer Account Jul 31, 2019

    Best Cat Gifs Part 1

    Cat's are awesome and sometimes pictures don't do them justice. Instead, you'll need full context in the form of a gif. These are some of the top cat gifs this year and we wanted to share the curiosity, fun and adventure with you!    Hyper Cat This cat has gotten himself curious over this tennis ball and is furiously trying to capture it. Getting to a point where it starts...