Jan 25, 2020

Though most often people prefer dogs as pets, none can deny the fact that cats are extremely adorable and cute animal. They have a distinct kind of cuteness quite uncommon to other animals. They show their love and affection for the owners through their black or green eyes. Their little playfulness in chasing toys or lights are absolutely cute. They easily become a part of your family. Though it may sound irritating when they stretch themselves on the computer keyboard for the pet owners this sweet yawning and stretching are lovable.

If you are planning to buy a cat but still a bit indecisive about whether or not to get one, we got your back. Check out these reasons to learn why cats are the cutest pets you can ever get.

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1. Spiritually detached and independent

There is always confusion between independence and arrogance or coldness. Pet owners do not have much liability to take while owning a furry pet. Pooping on their own times, sleep when they feel it is boring and eating as per their choice. All you need is to train them in childhood and they will make their poop outside or in the kitty litter, eat from their plate. They will not irritate you with their daily habits.

2. They love some privacy

Indeed the cats have their moods and you cannot play with them whenever YOU want. This is actually a decent habit since the cats are just like humans. How would you like if anyone storms into your room and start cuddling you or pricking you? Chances are that you will end up in punching them! Cats are no exception to this. They also cannot tolerate if you irritate them during nap time. 

You might see your kitties somewhere in boxes or hanging out in the shelves by the window. Make sure to check your boxes before you come home because they might be around! 

3. They bring grace to even displeasure

Has the cat food gone sour? Is your sofa cushion rough and not comfortable? Is the bed less fluffy? You don’t have to worry about the feedback as the cat will give you an opinion if things go wrong. The sour food or bed will meet their fury and anger along with head tilt and loud and long meow. Aww! Cuteness overloaded for real!

4. Cats play a lot and love to be busy for a long time

Who says you have to buy fancy toys and expensive items to keep your cat busy for a long time. Simply give them a little ball of wool, they will keep making it tangled and stay forever busy to get out of it. Not only that. Cats are also great pets to doodle with their paws on the mobile screen. Some even love to throw away your bunch of pens. But whatever they do, hardly will they lack energy and be fed up with the activities. So you can keep them busy with little staff. You may also buy some little cat toys to entertain them and make them preoccupied when you are busy at other work or away from home for some time.

5. Get the tone!

Do you know that a cat has different types of meow which have different meanings? Yes. When you entertain them, let them eat some food, watch TV with them, or irritate them, or cuddle them – each activity has a distinct meow. You can easily distinguish the angry meow when they are hungry and you are late to cook their favourite dish from the adorable meow as you cuddle their neck. A loud and shrill meow decisively tells you to go away but even that is sure to make you laugh. When they become serious and makes faces – nothing can be cuter than that!

6. Treat a cat like a baby

Cats love to be treated like a human baby. If you love babies and think that they are cute, we are sure that you will find a pet cat to be damn cute as well. As opposed to the popular assumption, cats love to be treated with care and love and not left out as cold. They will sit on your lap, scratch your back, make faces, show arrogance and take every little attempt to seek your attention. Also, they love to listen to lullabies while sleeping. Try it once and you’ll have to repeat every day.


In fact, the idea that old women prefer to pet a cat is due to this reason. Old women suffer from loneliness and isolation and they fill the void of their children by petting a cat. Cats are amazing companions to keep one preoccupied. Talk to them, love them, and they will also reply to you with a meow and love back!

7. Shower time

Well, this is perhaps the cutest gesture. Cats prefer to stay dry and take every attempt to escape your attempt to shower them. They think themselves to be clean forever, run across the home to skip the shower time and spend hours licking their whole bodies. How cute do you think is that?

Also, remember that the cats’ fur get drenched with little water and that can lead them to fall sick and bring high fever. So use lukewarm water around the year. Don’t make them take a bath every single day. Also, use a dryer to dry out their furs after the shower. But make sure not to take the dryer too close to their nose or fur as that can cause an accident.

8. Curiosity to the power infinity

When it comes to a cat you must be familiar with the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” and cat owners always agree to this. Once you come back from the market, they have to know what you have brought from the market. When you are cooking and covered something under a plate, they need to know what’s there. Yes, they will mess up everything to crawl inside the bag or throw away the plate to reveal the inside content. But you will be struck with their cuteness.

So, when are you getting a cat? Let us know which of their gestures do you find to be cute? I personally love the fact that they meow and give you your morning wake up call or a greeting when you home. 

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