Feb 01, 2020

Your cat is one of a kind and every cat owner finds their cats to be unique. Indeed they are if we consider their behavior. They have a peculiar way of expressing their feelings. A cat expresses adoration, taking a nap, playing with a ball of wool etc in different ways. Every gesture is unique and distinct from one another, many of it to please their owner.

Nevertheless, there are various breeds of cats. This depends on their kitty DNA. All these come from their ancestors. Cats have different features like the golden, brown, green eyes, tufted ears, shrill and loud meow and beyond. But the question is how many cats are there in the world? Let’s explore that in this article. 

How many cats breeds are there globally?

 According to the survey by National Geographic, cats love being around humans always. They eat rodents which threaten the grain stores. Whether it was around eight thousand years ago or today, cats love to be with humans. However, in the 19th-century, cats with different demeanor and appearance came into the focus. 

A few selected cats like Egyptian Mau resemble the wild ancestors. They belong to the deserts in the Middle East, also known as the Maine Coon of snowy North American area. Rest of the cat breeds are a result of human involvement and adoration. Thus, the purry breeds of cats have come into existence.  


Unlike the dogs, cats have so far changed very little. For example, the wild cat family that used to hang around the ancient grain farms. Cat breeding is not for any particular herding or hunting task. The same way as a dog, the cats’ variations are more subtle. This is why the difference between a beagle and a Rottweiler are not too distinct. At least in the eyes of the ordinary beholders! 

 How many types of cats are there?

How many breeds of cats are there in the contemporary age actually varies from one source to another. So the numbers will vary on which site you are looking for the information. International cat registering organizations and the private ones, distinguish cat breeds similarly. However, this depends on the features of those breeds of cats. Even so, the total number of cat breeds is always lower in comparison to the total number of breeds of dogs.

According to our record, Encyclopedia Britannica enlists only fifteen breeds of cats. Further, the international cat association recognizes about seventy-one types of cats. This is actually the world’s highest registry of cat breeds. Several other government and non-government organizations also run extensive research. They recognize cat breeds ranging between these two lowest and highest numbers.

Here is an example. The cat fanciers’ association or CFA is the largest cat registering body in America. It recognizes about forty-four distinct cat breeds in 2019. Federation international feline is a reputed cat registration organization member. It identifies about forty-eight types of cat breeds in over 40 countries. They further categorize these breeds into four specific categories. 

How many breeds of cats are there in the world?

 Associations calculate cat breeds in different ways. One of the simplest reasons is that the parameters are different for every organization. Also, few registries do not take non-pedigreed cats into account while calculating the number of cat breeds. These non-pedigree cats do not have any recognized parents. Such breeds trace back to multiple generations. Again, some organizations involve various types of cats in one particular classification. However, other associations distinguish them in their own categories. This is why their calculation varies and the numbers of cat breeds are different for each register. 

How about new cat breeds? How do they find their name on the list?

Now you must be wondering that what if new cat breeds are incorporated into the register? Well, let us address the question. Usually, the cat breed lists stay the same in all organizations and do not change quite often. Nevertheless, new breeds can be occasionally developed and they demand authentication. The CFA or cat fanciers’ association has introduced two new breeds in their 2018 list. One of them is Lykoi and the other is Khao Manee. 


Cats can share similar types of traits in their genetic structures. Thus, new cat breeds can be distinguished. Sometimes these traits are misunderstood to a certain generic tendency for a particular disease. This misunderstanding about the various traits can make breeding recognition a bit controversial. The CFA and other non-government or private organizations carry out strict rules for several breeds. They do this to ensure that the cats are healthy and do not carry any inherited genetic troubles. 

Which is the best type of cat?

Cats can have green eyes, dark red tongue, fascinating stripes, or five toes. However, the best type of cat is one which wants to be adored by human and loves cuddles. There can be numerous cats in the cat homes that are not purebred, but they are not to be blamed. Even they deserve an amazing parent like you and a forever home like yours. 

Are you are planning to adopt a new kitty or want to learn more about it? It is a good idea to take some time and learn about the cat’s breed. You may contact a reputed and well-learned vet who can inform you about the pet. A professional pet can also tell you about her behavioral tendency. Learn how you can make her feel happy too. 

Did you know there are mixed breeds in cats too? 

Also, you can also check out the cats belonging to the mix breed category. There can be various mix breed cats available in the cat home for being adopted by generous pet owners. Some of these mix breed cats show the surprisingly similar genetic trait of the purebred cats. Nevertheless, genetics is not the ultimate decider of the cat’s demand. A cat can be lovable for her attitude, her cuteness, her friendly mentality, and her gorgeous appeal.

So take into account all these factors before you plan to get a cat for your home. We recommend going to your local shelter and finding a cat that seem to work well with you and likes you. 

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    so how many cats are there???

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