Jan 04, 2020

Sometimes they get the zoomies, sometimes they just start meowing in the middle of the night. If you've seen this you might think that your cat is crazy, you may be right! It's no coincidence that we see them staring off into the corner of the room or doing other weird things. Here are a couple more examples to convince you! 

Ever been attacked by a cat before? Well, maybe not attacked but maybe just jumped on because they are looking to enjoy a bit! 

Now sometimes it's you that initiate the craziness. For example, don't ever try and vacuum your kitties. This one seems like she's planning how to use her hooman's pillow as the litter box to get back at them. 

Imagine a kitty just tasting and licking your neck? Got goosebumps now? What if this was actually a feral kitty, one might think they are looking for something other than being playful. 

Just like us, our fellow kitties also have those New Year resolutions. And just like us they might not always be able to go through with what they want. Here it looks like they are committed to losing some weight and it's not going as well as they want it to. Fear not! It's not about how often you fail but if you can get up from the fall and do it again! 



To close out this part, let's check out this adorable cat with some of the largest ears i've ever seen! Wow. These look awesome, if anyone knows what these cats are called, let me know below! 

big ear cats


You've made it! Congrats and let us know which adorable kitty you liked the most. We also have some awesome sales going on at our home page, check it out and use the coupon code below as well! 

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