Aug 07, 2019

Although they may sleep for half of their lives and do all the funniest things, they are also sometimes the smartest animal in the room. Cat's are incredibly curious and to go along with their fast reflexes is some quick thinking skills. Here's a couple of gifs to help you further understand why cat's are among the smartest animals around us. 

Finding Food

Cats are smart and know when there's food around. They have a great nose for smells and are curious enough to knock down cups, bowls and more just to get their food. If you ever wake up and notice the trash can toppled over, it's likely because they smelled something and wanted to see if it was food. 

This happens quite often, so I would recommend securing trash in a way so your cat cannot get into them.


Escaping Tight Spaces

We all know cat's are incredible fluid and can squeeze out of most small spaces. When they combine this with their cleverness they can become even smarter, enough to open up cages and locks. If you haven't seen this before, check it out, it's pretty mind blowing. (Also, don't cage a cat in the first place)


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Exploring Outside

Most cats are indoor cats but sometimes you'll get ones that are very curious and want to explore the outdoors. If you expose your kitten to the outdoors at a young age, they may also get used to going consistently. Here's a cat who loves going outdoors for hikes!


Know any more ways cat's show themselves as one of the smartest animals? Let us know below in the comments! Be sure to check out Catify's own ecommerce site for all of your cat themed goodies

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