Jul 31, 2019

Cat's are awesome and sometimes pictures don't do them justice. Instead, you'll need full context in the form of a gif. These are some of the top cat gifs this year and we wanted to share the curiosity, fun and adventure with you! 


Hyper Cat

This cat has gotten himself curious over this tennis ball and is furiously trying to capture it. Getting to a point where it starts to climb the clothing on the side. Now I wouldn't suggest putting your clothes there, but definitely something to enable the cat to climb! 

Game of Cats

This is one of the best game ever, especially if it's a homemade box with holes. It's actually an awesome thing to consider as a DIY if you're interested! Either way, this gif is hilarious as we see this kitty intrigue and in hunter mode trying to get this human's finger. 


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Water Kitty

I have not seen a cat that likes water as much as this one. On second thought, maybe it's just doing this for the camera? Either way, instead of instantly bolting away, this cat is actually enjoying a warm bath. Do you have a cat that enjoys water as much as this cat?

Round and round and round we go!

This cat somehow got themselves on top of this rolling poof and have another buddy spiraling it. It's amazing how this all got on camera and confirms that having two cats is better than one. IN other words, check out your closest shelter and get your kitty a friend!

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  • Posted On November 19, 2020 by Roxanne

    Really catchy flicks.i liked the water warm cat bath one. Ive got to really save sone good vids or just images of cats because im going to use them as my own fuuny memes videos .to entertain friends lol

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