Jul 22, 2019

Cat's are curious and tend to overreact to every new thing that they see. This includes the neighborhood dog or even the new kids that joined in the part. It's an absolute delight when they act weird or cute and you catch that on video. Here's a list of the cutest cat interactions that we found. Is there one that you love more than any other? 


This is mine! 

Have you seen your cat just absolutely fall in love with the throw or blanket you have around? I know mine has and it's the cutest yet most annoying thing ever. Instead of expecting the throw to be on the couch it ends up on the floor or the cat bed! Yet how can you fault the cat for doing it, it's just natural to want to cuddle with something just as soft as itself. 


Hang out with me...Please!

If you've ever had two cats then you'll understand this moment. It's the exact time and place when they decide that they are okay with each other. Who else could watch this on repeat? 


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Just another day at the park!

What if cats are more open to hanging out at the park and not freaking out? That would be a world I could support. Although my cat would bolt the instant they see a big dog like this. LOL. Our next two cat interactions are with dogs, and they love to cuddle and be protected by their big brother.

A warm cozy bed

Remember I said that cats are incredible curious? Here's another purrfect example of that. This German Shephard is just lounging around but allowing a kitty to hang out and be curious. The dog is being careful not to hurt or dissuade the kitty in any way. 




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