Feb 07, 2021

Do you know why cats sit on your chest? What might be the reasons behind the cat sleeping on your chest?

You might have wondered why your cat loves laying on your chest while you are sleeping. It is a strange behavior cat’s display and can be annoying sometimes.

There are a lot of assumptions behind this particular behavior. Let's find out the mystery behind this.

A cat’s sleeping behavior is different from humans

If you want to know why cats sleep on your chest, it is crucial to understand your cat's sleeping patterns.

Cats are a creature of mystery, and they sleep several times during the day. They regain their energy with several naps throughout the day. 

Cats are predators, and they are always ready to attack their prey or defend themselves. Since cats are still ready for action, it makes sense that they would seek protection from their owner.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Chest?

To understand why a cat might want to lay on your chest, you must observe a cat's behavior. Cats are a social animal, and they seek a companion. So, if you find your cat sleeping on your chest, it turns out it is trying to bond with you. 

cat sleeping with human on couch

They are seeking warmth 

 Cats love a warm environment. Warm places or spots attract them, whether inside or outside. You might have noticed a cat soaking up the sunlight.

Regardless of their thick coats, they seek the warmest place possible to sleep.

Your body generates a lot of heat, especially when you are wearing warm clothes. 

So your cat is drawn towards your body because you are the most significant source of heat it can find. Your chest is unusually warm as it contains your heart, which attracts the cats.

In search of comfort

Cats seek the most comfortable place to sleep in, whether on a sofa or a box. Humans have quite a mushy and cozy chest to rest. Babies feel comfortable, helping them sleep quickly because the human chest is a comfortable place to relax. So, when you find your cat resting on your chest, it might be seeking some comfort.

To feel safe and secure

Cats, being predators are robust and agile and always ready to hunt down the prey. However, cats are most vulnerable when they are sleeping—the reason why they seek protection.

 When they were young, they would sleep near their mother to feel safe and secure. This behavior continues throughout adulthood. Since cats perceive their owners as parents, the cat would sleep close to you. So, if your cat is sleeping with you, it turns out it seeks safety and security. 

They love the sound of your heartbeat

snuggling with a kitty

The bodily sounds may be comforting to your cat. The heartbeat sounds, and the rise and fall of your chest as you respire help lull your cat to sleep. Thus, the natural body sounds and smell may have a mild effect on your cat. 

To show love and affection

If you are wondering, "Why does my cat like to sleep on my chest?" It turns out that it may be a sign of showing affection and love for you. Yes, your cat may want to express care for you, and it shows by lying on your chest. So when your cat sleeps on your chest, it might be a sign of adoration.

They are trying to claim you

Suppose you are thinking that your cat is showing affection towards you by lying on your chest. It might not always be the case, as there might be other reasons. 

Some cats lay on your chest to claim you. Yes, they want to possess you. 

You may have seen your cat do this to toys, couches, beds, and even clothes. Cats are very territorial; no wonder why they do this. It is an act of marking their territory. 

They like your scent

Cats have a potent smell, and they survive mostly by smell. A cat's smell can detect scents of a person, place, or thing that is familiar. Cats may feel relaxed by the familiar scents of their favorite people, clothing, and other things. 

Your chest may be a comfortable place to sleep

Cats can sleep up to 15 hours a day or more. So, they are always looking for a comfortable place to sleep. Humans have quite a soft, comfy chest to rest. It makes sense that cats may find it comfortable sleeping on your chest. 

Should you let your cat sleep with you?

The answer to this question depends on the individual. There are some negative and positive reasons to allow your cat to sleep with you.

 Why should you let your cat sleep with you?

  •       It relieves stress

Studies have claimed that a cat's purr may have a soothing and remedial effect on human health. Caressing a purring cat may help release stress, which may reduce heart disease and stroke risks.

  •       It creates bonding

If you are alone and feeling depressed, your cat can be a companion. A pet cat can be your best friend when no one is around.

  •       Cozy and warm

Letting your cat sleep with you may provide warmth and comfort.


Why should you not let your cat sleep with you?

  • It may disturb your sleep

You would wake up frequently, and interrupted rests are worse than short sleep. 

Cats remain mostly outdoors, and they may litter into your bed and can be potential carriers of the disease.

  • Discomfort

It is very annoying sometimes when a cat sleeps on your chest or head. Moreover, there is a risk of inhaling cat fur with each breath.

So, cats like to sit on your chest because you are warm, comfortable, safe, and familiar. Therefore, as an owner, you should observe your cat's behavior. 

Cat is a social animal, and they have a desire for a deep relationship with humans. Your cat may have its way of expressing its love for you by sitting on your chest. So, next time when your cat is sitting on your chest, it could be that it wants to show love for you.

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