Jul 12, 2022

It's that time again when you need a quick pick-me-up and what's better than to watch these cat gifs and pics. Summer is slowly fading away and we all need some love to keep us going through before winter hits. So without further ado, here's four of the cutest cat gifs and pics! Enjoy! 



Remember when I was talking about feeling better? Well what feels better than someone embracing you with love and everything else. Here's a GIF that always makes me chuckle! Hope you enjoy as well. 



Phew, hope the landing wasn't too bad for you. I enjoy my cats jumping on me as long as they don't hit any of the sensitive spots. You know what could be better than having a cat hug you? Maybe having a group of them all come and defend you. 

In this next GIF we have an army of beautiful black kitties ready to come defend you at a moments notice. It's a Game of Thrones reference but I'm happy just knowing all these furry animals are hanging out and enjoying their life on a barn. 


Now it's no secret that there's some out there who don't think cats are affectionate. That's already wrong and probably something they are doing to stop the affection from occurring. Cats are emotional and love to get cuddles and pets from pretty much anyone.

In this GIF we see this cat who CANNOT keep her hands off her soon to be new owner! 


Cuddle Buddies?

Unfortunately as much as we crazy cat lovers want all the attention, sometimes our kitties spread the love amongst themselves. They love to groom, cuddle and play with their best friends which might be another cat! 

Check out this cute gif where these two kitties end up handing out with each other. You can tell how much they adore each other with their reaction, purring and eye love.

Well we hoped you all enjoyed and feel a little bit better after watching these 4 cat GIFs. If you want more, check out our blog or even give yourself a little treat with our Catify.co shop!


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