• Sammy Q Mar 29, 2024

    Why do cats wag their tail?

    If you've ever seen your cat rattle or "wag" their tail, you might be worried or believe that they are having some kind of medical condition. However, that's far from the truth when it comes to cats and wagging their tails. See, cats are fascinating creatures and their behaviors can often leave us puzzled or intrigued


  • woodmart support Mar 24, 2024

    Why do cat's LOVE running water?

    Cats can have some interesting behaviors and one of the most interesting ones comes from liking running water. My cat, Jimmy (No we did not name him that) loves to jump onto our bathroom counters and begs us to turn on the sink for him. At first we thought he always just wanted attention but then we realized it was much more.  To really understand what's going on under the...


  • Sammy Q Jul 12, 2022

    4 Of the Cutest Cat Gifs and Pics!

    It's that time again when you need a quick pick-me-up and what's better than to watch these cat gifs and pics. Summer is slowly fading away and we all need some love to keep us going through before winter hits. Check out these beautiful cats and their GIFs!


  • Why do cats like laying on your chest?

    Do you know why cats sit on your chest? What might be the reasons behind the cat sleeping on your chest?

    You might have wondered why your cat loves laying on your chest while you are sleeping. It is a strange behavior cat’s display and can be annoying sometimes.

    There are a lot of assumpt


  • Ivan Zhang Jan 31, 2021

    Are cats able to eat bread?

    Does your cat beg for a bite of bread? Do they meow while you are eating bread?

    Yes, cats love the taste of bread. But, is the bread good for cats? There are some things you need to know before you share bread with your feline friend. Let’s find out.