• Lucy Kirkness Mar 20, 2017

    Total Catification: 9 Ways To Catify Your Home

    First things first, you’ll need some kind of sign that shows the world you’re a cat lover. A welcome mat with cats is the best way to do that: SHOP NOW Next, when you’re showing everyone around your purrfectly catified home, you’ll want to serve them tea, in a cat mug, of course: SHOP NOW Lighting can make or break your home, so you’ll definitely want to get that right!...


  • Simon Kleist Nov 02, 2016

    22 Ways Cats Make Us Happier And Healthier

    If you’re a cat owner, you don’t need us to tell you that your cat, or cats, has made your life much better. Some of the naysaying dog lovers may disagree, but we have the science to back it up.  If you’re thinking about owning a cat, you’ll soon learn a few reasons why you should. While cats require attention and care, they’re easier and cheaper to take care of...


  • Simon Kleist Aug 30, 2016

    7 Fascinating facts about cats!

    Cats are cute, cuddly and endlessly entertaining.  Everybody loves trivia and cats so we have compiled a list of our 7 favorite feline facts.


  • Simon Kleist Aug 25, 2016

    Cat Behavior Part 3 Socialization and Environment

    In our third episode of our Cat Behavior Series you can read about Cat Socialization and Cats Interaction with their environment.


  • Simon Kleist Aug 08, 2016

    The island inhabited by cats + Nietzsche's birthday!

    It is our mascot Nietzsche's birthday today and it's international cat day! Read more about Nietzsche or visit the tiny Island of Aoshima, inhabited by over 100 different breeds of cats.