• Sammy Q Jan 17, 2021

    What Kind Of Milk Can Cats Drink?

    You might have seen pictures of cats drinking milk from a bowl. Cats are associated with milk, but it appears that milk is not healthy for cats. Shocking, isn’t it?

    People who own cats may consider giving milk to cats thinking that it is healthy for them. However, this is a myth debunked by veterinary science.


  • Sammy Q Jan 03, 2021

    What does Catnip do to Cats?

    You may have seen a cat play with a catnip toy. And the reason why cat loves catnips is still a mystery!

    Many scientists had done a lot of research on catnip and its effects on cats. But it is unclear as to why a cat loves catnip. Therefore, it is time to unravel the mystery behind this!


  • Why do cats have whiskers? What are they for?

    You might have wondered why cats have whiskers. It looks like a mustache on a cat. Like humans, cats have hair covered with whiskers. It is the most intriguing thing about the cat’s facial features.


  • Sammy Q Mar 28, 2020

    Why Do Cats Lick Themselves?

    'Why do cats lick themselves?' is a common question raised by most cat owners. When it comes to grooming and cleanliness, cats are undoubtedly the champions.


  • Ivan Zhang Mar 21, 2020

    Why do cats cry? Are they sad?

    Cats crying may sound like a baby's cry, and it can be eerie to listen to, especially if you wake up to the sound in the middle of the night. You might lie awake in your bed and ponder, 'why do cats cry at night?' Don't worry; you are not alone in thinking why do cats cry.