Jul 27, 2019

We tend to believe that cats and water don't get along, either the cat hates water or if they get close to them they freak out. Try giving your cat a bath or shower, I'm sure you'll come out not the happiest owner. Here's a couple of cute and pawesome cat pictures with water! 


Shocked kitty

We thought this kitty had the most adorable response to taking a bath, it didn't seem like she mined but these eyes tell a different story. It is also hilarious seeing the kitty with bubbles on her head. Do you think the cat is shocked to be in the water? If not, what else could she be reacting to? 


Sink Kitties

Have you been the culprit of the sink kitty? I see them all the time, usually each morning and I have to deal with them differently. Most of the time they get mad at me for moving them, even when I'm about to turn on the water. They always seem to be saying, this is my sink human, please move on. 


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Cat by the beach

I've always wanted to take the cat out and explore, some cats are pretty brave while others are timid and scared. This one seems to be just fine being in the middle of the beach and enjoying itself. The sunset, the smooth rocks and of course the gorgeous kitty makes this photo AMAZING! 



Enjoying the Jacuzzi 

Who doesn't like a warm jacuzzi to end the day? If you like it then you bet yourself some cats would as well! Check out this beautiful kitty enjoying themselves a warm bath in the water. Something most other cats would bolt away from! 

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