Jul 16, 2019

These crack me up and honestly I almost couldn't finish up the posts. Got a favorite? Share it with us below in the comments and let us know.

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1) Momma and kitty ends up on the back of their hooman

These two cute kitties stay around and hang out with their human while he's cooking some food. I wouldn't want two cats on my back, although it's plenty cute. I'm sure the nails ought to hurt just a little bit. 


2) Feral cat becomes foster father to kittens

It's incredible what little baby cats can do to your life, or another cats. This cat was scared, aggressive and resisting until they brought in a couple of kittens. Immediately they took a liking to the older cat. Learn more from the original posters, TinyKitten! 


3) Kisses while on the bike

We rarely get to see cats outside of the home, much less on a moving vehicle. Most of them would be incredible scared and probably jump as soon as they see something that's new. This fearless kitten takes the time to give some kisses to her owner and rider. Adorable! 


4)Social Cats? 

Who knew cats could be so social, enough to hang out with a whole bunch of chicks. Plus it seems like he isn't a fan of them or might be fed up. Either way, cute kittens + cuter chicks is a recipe for even more adroableness. 


Got a favorite? Let us know in the comments below which one made you saw AWW the loudest! 

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    I’ m happy to see those cats

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