Jan 18, 2020

We all know cats can be incredibly cute and cuddly! I even have one of my beautiful cats here at my desk just hanging out. Yet i'm sure we all know that cat's might just turn at any moment and get us. I see it all the time while playing with my cats, I feel that they can turn around at any moment. Here's a couple pictures to show off the scary and wild side of cats that you might have never seen before!


Coming home to this? 

What if you came home and while settling down you see your cat like this? What are your first reactions and what would you do? Personally I would run out of the house and take a shot, then bring back a couple friends to make sure my cat isn't planning on taking over. This cute (but scary) cat looks to be wanting to have a talk, would you sit with him? 



Aged more than normal? 

What if...it's another cat and you see him in the restroom hanging out like this? Let us know what your reaction would be, honestly, I wouldn't know how to react. I would assume he's the smartest cat in the world and go get him a beer from the fridge. 



The Wolf Cat - Lykoi 

We have found the most adorable kitty! They are also known as the Lykois and have a face that represents a wolf. In addition to their eats they also have yellow eyes and definitely can pass the scary test for us. 


Got any other suggestions of scary cat pictures that you want to show off to the world? Let us know and tag us on facebook or twitter @catifyco! 

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