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    Smartest Cats in the World

    Although they may sleep for half of their lives and do all the funniest things, they are also sometimes the smartest animal in the room. Cat's are incredibly curious and to go along with their fast reflexes is some quick thinking skills. Here's a couple of gifs to help you further understand why cat's are among the smartest animals around us.  Finding Food Cats are smart and know when there's...


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    Best Cat Gifs Part 1

    Cat's are awesome and sometimes pictures don't do them justice. Instead, you'll need full context in the form of a gif. These are some of the top cat gifs this year and we wanted to share the curiosity, fun and adventure with you!    Hyper Cat This cat has gotten himself curious over this tennis ball and is furiously trying to capture it. Getting to a point where it starts...


  • Freelancer Account Jul 27, 2019

    Cats and Water?

    We tend to believe that cats and water don't get along, either the cat hates water or if they get close to them they freak out. Try giving your cat a bath or shower, I'm sure you'll come out not the happiest owner. Here's a couple of cute and pawesome cat pictures with water!    Shocked kitty We thought this kitty had the most adorable response to taking a bath,...


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    Cutest Cat Interactions Part 1

    Cat's are curious and tend to overreact to every new thing that they see. This includes the neighborhood dog or even the new kids that joined in the part. It's an absolute delight when they act weird or cute and you catch that on video. Here's a list of the cutest cat interactions that we found. Is there one that you love more than any other?    This is mine! ...


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    5 Hilarious Cat Comics

    These are some of the best comics that we found, enjoy, share and have fun! We're also interested in what you think about them, let us know which one makes you laugh the most!  1) Meow?  Most people can talk to cats, it's pretty easy to have a conversation with them. Just make sure to start with an "em" sound and end it with an "ow". Somewhere along the way...