Apr 21, 2019


I know, it sounds ridiculous, to think that the puppies and kitties can get along. Keep scrolling and you'll see some proof that this can happen, and it can happen all the time. Do you have a cat and a dog, do they get along? 

First is this momma dog trying to help out these kitties, teaching them the ways of the doggo!



If you get a dog early, and they are compatible, they absolutely LOVE each other. So if you want to have both of these animals in your household, it's best to get them early on. Soon enough you'll be sending your friends pictures of this on the daily. 




Sure...they might not always want to be around each other. Felines like to have both the option to hang out and cuddle but also to be by themselves at times. That means you still might get some hisses here and there.




The goal is that at the end of each day, once they've expended all their energy on each other, they'll snuggle. Hopefully, it'll be them snuggling with you in bed like this. 



So yes! Cats and dogs can get along and here are a couple of pictures to prove the doubters wrong. Let us know your story, do you have cats and dogs and how are you able to make sure they get along? 


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