• Freelancer Account Nov 03, 2018

    Petting Tips: Why to Adopt Over Shop for Your Cat

    Having a pet can help lower blood pressure, develop social skills, improve mood, immunity and ease pain. So we all know that our little friends do more than just be cute at home.


  • Freelancer Account Sep 15, 2018

    3 Things to do with your cat this fall

    It's almost time for Fall and you might want to get out, but don't forget your furry pal and don't leave them behind. Check out these awesome resources and things that you can do with your cat. There's a lot you can do and we have not only the resources here but also some cool tools you can use to take your cat with you.  1. Take your cat on...


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    Why do cats and dog fight? Do they naturally just hate each other?

    We've seen it time and time again, cats and dogs chasing each other, fighting over space, toys and the love of their owners. Many TV shows and movies portray cats as the sassy pets we know they and how annoyed they are of dogs. The question is, do they naturally just hate each other?


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    Bumps on your cat? What could they be?

    Here at Catify we have our own share of problems with our kitties and one of those is bumps. Both of our cats had different bumps at one point in time and it was a quite a scare, we went through several vets and medication just to get rid of them. And just like your cute furry companion, we were worried and fearful of what bumps on a cat could mean. There's...


  • How do cats communicate with each other?

    Communication is a skill not many has the nature to understand, sometimes it happens naturally, or intuitively, or even out of daily habit. There are many mediums of communication among humans, animals, living organisms, and the earth with the universe. Each communication medium uses a unique blend of characteristics that convey to the receiver.