Nov 03, 2018

It is true that pets are a part of our lives, and part of the family. Having them not only gives us a sense of companionship, but it is also found that pet owners have lesser to no chances of suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. Apart from that, having a pet can help lower blood pressure, develop social skills, improve mood, immunity and ease pain. So we all know that our little friends do more than just be cute at home.

Cats are adorable. There is no other way to describe those little felines otherwise. Well, other than scratched curtains and litter sand everywhere, and a lot of "meows" when opening that can of cat food. We can all get used to that right?


Bringing a pet into the family is always the right decision from every body's point of view. If you have a stressful work and home life, getting a small pet like a cat might be just what you need.

Why should you adopt a cat?

Of course, there are so many reasons why you should adopt a cat from the shelter instead of buying one from the pet store.

  1. Save Money

It is true that it doesn’t matter where you bring your feline companion from, but from a financial standpoint, it does make sense if you adopt a cat from the shelter.  Aside from the fact that you can take home your cat for a considerably lower fee, the shelter or rescue will also save you the trouble in microchip, sprays, neutering as well as vaccination expenses. Plus, most shelters will also include extra accessories like a collar, pet insurance and bags of food.

  1. You know who you are bringing into your home

If you buy a cat from the store, chances are, the store owners don’t know their personality or their temperament. This means that they won’t be able to help you take care of your cat. Once you leave the store with the cat, you’ll be left with a pet you don’t know how to deal with, or one that just isn’t compatible with your personality.

But volunteers, caretakers and rescuers interact with the animals every day. This means that they know the animal's personality and they might just help you find the perfect kind of furry companion that you need. Because everyone’s choices vary, some might want to own a playful and restless feline, while others might look for a calm, quieter cat who likes to cuddle.

  1. Saving a Life

According to ASPCA, every year, approximately 3.2 million cats are brought into the shelters or rescued. And among these, 27% of the needy felines are euthanized annually. If you adopt a cat from the shelter, not only are you saving one cat’s life but you are also allowing another one feline to be taken in by rescuers and shelters.

  1. No Hassle Cat

It is nice to bring puppies or kittens in the house, but sometimes they can be quite the annoyance. The benefit of adopting a cat from a shelter is that you can bring home a pet of any age. Besides, most cats at the shelter are already trained and know how to behave in the household. At first, the cat might be quite uncomfortable, scared or nervous, but once they get used to you, they will be equally loyal, loving and intelligent as any other.

  1. Older Cats are fantastic companions for everyone

Cats can be quite mysterious and secretive, but they are as equally affectionate as any other pets. Older cats, in particular, are peculiarly calm and are great companions for any type of owners. They can be cared for quickly, and you can adopt older cats from the rescue or shelter that matches you and your lifestyle. Besides, the staff and the volunteers from the shelter can help you find exactly what kind of cat you need.


Volunteers and staff of animal shelters spend an enormous amount of time caring for them. They get good food, proper attention and proper medication as well as vaccination from the volunteers who ensure the peak health condition for the animals.  Caring for an animal is proven to have many emotional, mental and physical benefits for the owners, and by adopting them, not only are you saving the animal’s life and giving them a home, you are changing their whole world.

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