Sep 15, 2018

It's almost time for Fall and you might want to get out, but don't forget your furry pal and don't leave them behind. Check out these awesome resources and things that you can do with your cat. There's a lot you can do and we have not only the resources here but also some cool tools you can use to take your cat with you. 

1. Take your cat on a walk!

This activity does come with a caveat, which is that your cat MUST like to be outside. I have seen of two kinds of cats, ones that love going outside and exploring and others that absolutely hate it. I’ve never experienced a cat that would be in right in the middle.

Since most people have not done this before there’s a few things you want to be aware of before trying this.

  1. Make sure that you can calm your cat down. This is important if they get scared easily and may try to bolt or become aggrieve around other humans or dogs.
  2. Get a body harness to be able to track their movements and pull them back if they become aggressive.
  3. Start out small with an area where you can easily control him, then move into other areas and maybe even a park.

Here’s a cute video of Youtuber who has trained their cat to go on bike rides, walks and more! Who said you can’t do the same things with a cat that you can with a dog?


2. Playing in the leaves

If you have a large back yard it’s a great place for adventure and hours of fun for your cats. They love exploring the leaves, throwing them up and jumping on them. You can even take it a step further by creating piles of leaves and creating a maze for them. Having kids can help with some of the creativity here as well! Get the most out of the fall leaves before having to clean it up!


3. Making things with your cat!

Since they are naturally curious, you will see cats trying to smell and play with all the new things you are using. Try carving a pumpkin, making a new cat toy, or even baking some food. Each time you introduce a new item, move it close to your cat so they get a chance to smell it. My cats love this and would smell anything that I give them! I feel like it’s a great chance for them to be exposed to new things. They may even start chatting with you and giving you a few meows questioning what the item is.

It's not always a grand experience hanging out with your cat but there's a lot of great things to do. It's the perfect time between the hot summers and the cold winters. If you are lucky, or a great trainer, you might be able to take your cats out on daily walks and more!  

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