Nov 10, 2018

If you are thinking of going out on vacation and are about to call a sitter, you should consider taking your cat with you. Besides, you can’t make yourself enjoy the vacation knowing that your little furry kitten is back home waiting to see you come back with their favorite bag of cat food.

There are many places you can take your cat to, but how about a little cat-exclusive vacation? Of course, for the cat, even a visit to the vet is something of an excursion, but that does not mean that you shouldn't take a little trip with the kitty out there in the world and create memories and Instagram updates. There are many pet-friendly locations you can visit, so gather your package and prepare your pet passport.

  1. The ‘Cat Islands’ of Japan

Aoshima and Tashirojima, also known as ‘Cat Islands’ are easily any cat person's dream destination. These are definitely one of the few, if not the only places in the world where the feline population is more than its human residents. The humans are outnumbered six. You don’t even have to worry about any canine intrusion because they aren’t allowed: these Islands are cat exclusive.

This unprecedented explosion of cat population has certainly helped Aoshima and Tashirojima become tourist attractions. Feline based welcoming committee? Check. Harbours and streets crowded with cats? Check. Cute cat shaped houses for accommodations? Check! Just make sure you keep your cat close, or they might just be lost among the thousands of kitty residents of the islands.

  1. The KimptonBoutiqueHotels

All around the United States are these pet-friendly suites called the Kimpton hotels that will treat you and your feline companion with VIP status. If you ever decide to go around the States with your kitten for the vacations, the Kimpton hotels are the perfect location crash. Besides, there are no restrictions. The only rule is that your furry friend must fit through the door. Featuring plushy beds, in-room pet massage and of course, pet scratchers, you and your cat (particularly your cat) are sure to enjoy checking in.

  1. The Queen Mary 2

Although Cats and water don’t particularly fit in, The Queen Mary 2 is the only Transatlantic Vessel in the world that carries cats and dogs. That’s right; you can take your feline friend out on a Luxury cruise to England or vice versa. There are a total of 24 kennels onboard the Queen Mary 2, 12 on the upper floor and 12 on the lower level and your cat will be housed in one of two enclosures on the upper floor. Don't worry about the littering; one of these kennels is made explicitly for that purpose. The Kennel Master will make sure your kitten is well looked after, and you can visit your pet during the day in four different scheduled hours (the pets aren’t allowed in your cabin). In addition, your cat will also receive the same white glove treatment that you do while in the affectionately termed ‘poop deck’. Bon Voyage!

  1. The Best Little Cat House

You will find three fabled tales of an exclusive cat hotel coming from Burbank, Pasadena and Los Angeles, and if you are ever in any of the three cities for a vacation, you should really consider checking your cat into The Best Little Cat house, and you will find that those fabled tales are all true. These are Luxury Cat only boarding services, and your cat will receive professional-level grooming. 


Your cat can either chill with other cats in a Group Boarding room or get a special Private Accommodation, all cages free. Plus, your cat will get to stay in relaxed atmospheres ranging from group rooms, private rooms, Suite, Deluxe and Condos with themes like English Garden or France and Japan. You will also be able to have webcam access from wherever you are so that you can see your pet anytime.

  1. Hotel Monteleone

If you check into Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans with your cat, you will receive something called the “Monte’s Pet Package”. Your cat will receive monogrammed food as well as water bowls, gourmet treats, chew toys and brochure directing to the many pet-friendly attractions all around the city, and you are free to take these gifts with you when you check out. They even have an entire pet-friendly floor, where your cat can get together and make new friends with other visiting pets as well.

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