Jul 23, 2017

First of all, I’m crazy about my cats, and I can’t possibly imagine living in a world without my furry, purry companions. Let’s face it: your kids will eventually grow up and get out of the house, but your furry feline friends will still be there to destroy your furniture and carpet for eternity.


I recently added another feline to the clan, and that’s when the rest of the family began hinting that I might’ve gone off the deep end. It turns out that I may, in fact, be a crazy cat lady! But how do you know if you’ve gone off the deep end? Well, if some of these traits ring a bell then you just might have.


You window shop for your cat

Yes, this applies to you. You know yourself--every time you go to the store you think “huh” this might look good on Pikachu or whatever your furry friend’s name is. However, this is still a gray area unless you feel you have an unquenchable desire to buy it. In which case, you’re officially a crazy cat lady.


Cat Cosplay

Turns out, owning a lot of tees and sweatshirts with pictures or illustrations of cute little kitties is considered being a crazy cat lady. Who knew? I always thought it’s a pretty cool, eco-friendly-ish, chick fashion statement, but I guess I was wrong. And in case you’re wondering, those plates and mugs count.


You’re an Instagram feline-stalker

 If you’re like me--which you probably are, then you always frequent Instagram and check out popular cat-related hashtags. Right? You probably even have cat-related hashtags on your search bar so you can easily find viral videos and posts.


 Now, if this sounds like you, then you’re 100% a cat lady.


Played dress-up with your cat?

Now, there’s no denying how cute our purry little friends can look with the right dress up but this is one clear sign you are a crazy cat person. This goes for all you Kittie lovers who have recently graduated your furry feline friend to a sweater from a cone. 


Your Feline is King


If you are the type of cat lady, who won’t disturb your cat when it's sleeping on your lap, then you’re a crazy cat lady. Simple as that. I’m talking about those of you who’d rather hold their bladders or stomach before disturbing your feline’s sleep to go the bathroom or refrigerator.


Do you have a portfolio of cat pictures on your phone?


Honestly, nothing screams crazy cat lady than having dozens of cat pictures in your devices’ gallery or even in the cloud. Apparently having a couple of them is okay but if you go up a couple of dozens, you’re a crazy cat lady. But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Your sleeping pill is a purr?


Do you need to snuggle and cuddle your cat before getting some shut eye every night? Well, if your choice of a sleeping pill is your cat’s purr rather than a white noise machine then you’re without a doubt a crazy cat lady. Which leads me to the next sign...


There’s no such thing as private time

From when you go to sleep, during the night and when you wake up in the morning—she/he is always there with you. She doesn’t recognize any boundaries, and you’ve never given her a reason to. From the shower to the bathtub, she is always pouncing on you. You don’t even lock doors anymore. 


Your feline friend has a social media profile

Now, this takes it to a whole new level of crazy cat lady. I mean think about the time spent creating a Facebook or Instagram page, and then, there is the dedication of maintaining it. I love my cat boys and girls, but I think that’s way too much for my crazy. Moving on.


Lastly, if all your April Fool’s pranks usually involve cats then you’re a crazy cat lady. A little bit of crazy when it comes to cats is allowed just don’t go too much out there. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you think I’m a crazy cat lady? 

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