Oct 07, 2017

Being a super crazy cat mom, my cat is the center of my universe. The best thing about cats is that they are independent and complex creatures that won’t follow you around all day as some dogs would. This free spirit is what makes me a proud cat owner since they will only address you when it suits them.

That being said, I love to shop around for gifts perfect for cat lovers like myself. But if you’re like most people—friends of cat lovers, for exampleyou don’t always know what to gift your cat lover. 

So, I decided to curate a list of some gifts that will make your feline friends adore you—see what I did there? Fortunately, there is a wide variety of gifts out there and most of them will please your cat lover. Here are a couple of gifts that stood out to me and you might like.


1. Squishy Cat Phone Case

This is one of my favorite gifts because it is perfect for both cat owners and cat lovers that cannot have a feline friend of their own. The cat iPhone case has an adorable background adorned with a large squishy cat. You can stretch, squish, and poke this kitty to your hearts content. As I have found, this not only helps relieve stress but shows off your love for cats everywhere you go! After all, who goes anywhere without their phone, right? Even if you are allergic to cats, you can take one with you and play with it's belly at school, work, or even the office.


2. Cute Cat Earrings - Neon

Cute cat earrings are a calling card for most cat lovers, and these cute but bold earrings fit the bill as the perfect gift. These stud earrings are approximately 1.5x 2cm and come in nine amazing colors. Yes, that's right- NINE! Though the neon green and neon blue are the most popular, you can pick the purrfect color for your crazy cat lover. Not only does it look like a cat poking out of your ear, but makes a super cute fashion statement in the process!


3. Cat Print Welcome Mat

The Cat Print Welcome Mat is a great gift idea for any cat owner. What better way to declare your love for cats to anyone who enters your home? These soft mats come in two different colors and four different sizes. These will make a great addition to a cat lover's home no matter the color scheme. My cat absolutely loves the softness of the mat and has made that her go-to hangout location. Since the prices vary by sizes, you will easily find something that will make the perfect gift for your cat lover within your budget.


4. Cat Kisses Fish T-Shirt

Yes, you read that right. A cat kissing a fish! You may think that cats and fish are enemies, but in the Catify world, all animals are best friends. This T-Shirt is a must-have for your crazy cat lover's wardrobe. With one size, this light and flowy t-shirt offers a cute theme with constant emission of good vibes for every cat lover! It will remind your crazy cat lover to embrace the love and enjoy life, making it a delightful gift!


5. Opal Love Cat Pendant

What serious cat lover doesn’t like to adorn themselves with cat accessories? Well, if you’re crazy about cats, we have the perfect necklace for you! This gorgeous pendant and chain was chosen by our Catify community and works with any outfit. Its subtlety and elegance makes it the ideal gift for any cat lover. This silver pendant comes with an 18 inch chain to complete any look. Now you can immortalize your love for cats with an elegant necklace everywhere you go. 


There you have it, humans. These are the kind of gifts that my buddies and I would love to see our pet humans get. Why? Well, some are just adorable while others emphasize the sophistication of cats and their fellow owners. That being said, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!


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