Jul 12, 2017

Allowing your child to own a pet from a young age or growing up around a family pet whilst they're young is a great way for children to learn respect and love for animals. They will also learn the importance of responsibility. Children growing up with pets will learn not to be afraid of animals and how to care and nurture animals, setting them up to be animal lovers for life! 

When it comes to picking a desired pet for the family, it's often dogs that are the best pick for small children as dogs love to play and are more robust. However, that's not to say that a cat or kitten wouldn't be suitable for a family with small children. As with any pet, you must always supervise children while they handle them and ensure that the cat's personal space is respected and neither the cat or child comes to any harm. 

If you're deciding on adding a furry friend to your family, read on to learn about the seven most suitable cat breeds for families with young children. 



This cat breed is one of the kindest natured cats on the planet and is less likely to bite or scratch. Although this cat has a lot of patience and loves to play, it is important that you supervise a young child during play as the Ragdoll is different to other cat breeds and is less likely to react when they've had enough. It is important that the child learns to respect the cat's boundaries. 


Siamese Cat

The Siamese is one of the most loyal cat breeds and loves to spend time with the people they love. This cat breed is known to form very strong bonds with their families. They are known to get a little jealous if they are not the center of attention. If your child and the Siamese form a strong bond from an early age, they are likely to be friends for life. They are an intelligent cat breed and are always happy to participate in playtime. 




The Persian is known to have a cute, squishy face and is one of the most popular cat breeds to date. This is not only because of their gorgeous looks but for their calm and quiet temperament. They are not generally as active as other cat breeds but are more than happy to receive lots of cuddles, strokes, and attention. The Persian loves a good grooming session so this is ideal if you have a child that would enjoy this as a responsibility. 


 British Shorthair

This cat breed is one of the most laid back cat breeds on the planet. They can adjust very easily to a busy household and don't take many things seriously. They're extremely tolerant of small children and love to show lots of affection to their loved ones. 



 Norwegian Forest Cat

This cat breed is larger than most cat breeds and needs to be kept active. They love to spend time outdoors and make great climbers and hunters. The Norwegian Forest Cat will show lots of love and loyalty to their family and are known to be very affectionate with small children. 


Maine Coon 

The Maine Coon is known to be a keen hunter and likes to spend the majority of their time outdoors. They love attention and will show plenty of affection to their family. If you have an active family then this cat breed would be a suitable addition to the family. 


Cornish Rex


The Cornish Rex has an inquisitive nature with a friendly manner to match. Often petite in size with gorgeous curly hair, this cat breed never loses its kitten-like behavior. They love playing games and will spend endless hours exploring. They make an ideal companion for a child that loves to explore. 


Lastly, you must remember that cats are not toys. They are delicate, small animals that should be treated with lots of respect and love. You must always keep an eye on young children when they are playing with the cat. It is worth teaching your child how to care for their new furry friend and learn the different signals your cat may give when they're trying to communicate their feelings. You must always provide your cat with personal space and teach your child to do the same. 



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