Feb 08, 2020

Stunned to read the title? Are you imagining a liquid cat that is flowing on your floor? Well, while we don’t want your imagination to stop from running wildly, let us stop you and elaborate the issue.

Cats are liquid

According to the dictionary, the liquid is something that obtains the shape of the container where it is kept. And from that perspective cats are also liquids. Not to be confused with a cat that may drink a lot of water

Nevertheless, unlike liquids like water and milk, cats do not exhibit any particular properties of a liquid. But if you keep them in a jar or box, they will take the shape. No matter which size of the jar is, they will fit into it in any way and sit or lie there in an adorable way.

If you already have a cat, you must have noticed this weird thing. If you didn’t ever pet a cat and are wondering what we are talking about, here we will offer some insights to prove that cats are really liquids! So, read on because we don’t want the curiosity to kill the cat owner.

Proof that cats are liquid

Some time ago, we mean, a few years ago, the internet was stormed with some pictures that proved that cats are really liquids. Let’s check these pictures and analyse them.

1. Cat in a wine glass

So how big can a wine glass be? Yes, too little. And a little white and grey cat fit inside it adequately. The picture became wallpapers of several cat lovers’ computer screen. Here the cat twisted itself in such a way that you cannot understand where its eyes are and where the tail is. But the cat could comfortably roll itself inside the wine glass. Are you already planning to drink it? Well, its cuteness will compel you to do so! Check out the picture.

2. Cat in a tub

Well here the glass tub is bigger than the small wine glass but trust us or not, the cat too is a big and fluffy one. Its fluffy tail will draw you to squeeze it. And the dark green eyes will attract you to the extent of getting hypnotized. And the cat didn’t have to roll itself inside the tub as it could comfortably sit inside the glass tub. From inside the tub, the cat is staring directly to you! So, have you checked it already? If not, you need to find the picture and take a look at it!


3. Cat in a jar

Well, we already know how cute a cat is. And we are also familiar with all the weird yet adorable activities that they continually do to keep themselves preoccupied. And this is another such activity. Here a grey cat managed to get herself inside a jar and roll inside it to take the shape of the jar. The jar is not big, say a medium-sized aquarium jar but the cat easily got herself placed inside it. The cat owner took this opportunity and got the camera ready right at the ideal moment.


4. Cat in a box

So, have you ever got yourself some furniture or electronic equipment and let the empty packages lying around here and there? A cat took the opportunity and got herself inside it. Then it got stuck here and made everyone around burst out of laughter. But once the cat managed to come out of it, she realized the fun and the technique. Cats are quite intelligent to learn everything in one or two times. So, the cat, on realizing the tactics, got herself again inside the packaging box and comfortably lie there. If you have missed out the picture, it’s time to get a look at it. 

5. Cat in a glass

What do you think about the size of a glass? Do you think a small grey can stay fit inside it? Well, it can! We already told you cats are liquids, and this cat reflects the same too. The cat stood inside the glass and kept staring upward with a cute and sweet way. Well, who won’t love to just squeeze such a little and cute ball of fur!


6. Cat in a sink

Do you know the favorite places of a pet cat? Just where you have to keep your stuff or at your workstations. Haven’t you checked how a cat would spread on a keyboard when you are trying to do something on your laptop? Well, here is another instance that will prove that cats are surely liquids! Here the cat rolled herself in a sink and slept comfortably overnight! The pet owner, waking up on the morning, got stunned while opening the tap. Her morning started with a loud meow from the lovely ball of fur. The cat made this her perfect place to take a nap during summer as the porcelain basin gave her a cool sensation. While she loved to sleep inside the basin, we sure love the gesture. Check out the picture now!


7. Cat in a sock

Do you have a habit of hanging your socks on Christmas? Don’t be stunned if you get to see an adorable cat meowing from inside the socks the next morning! Well, we are not kidding! Recently the internet got stormed with this picture where a cat got inside a sock and comfortably slept inside it in the warm and cosy environment. Is there any reason not to heart a cat! Don’t be late to take a look at this picture!


8. Cat in a basket

Well, this is nothing new. Get yourself a basket for the home decoration and from the next day, it will be the good night place for the cat! She will sit here and lie comfortably. Further, no matter how big or small the basket is, the cat is sure to stretch her body or squeeze it into a small space to accommodate inside the cat. Who says cats are arrogant! We say they are the most adjustable pets there ever are!


Are cats liquid or solid?

Take a look at the cute and adorable pictures of the cats storming everywhere. You are sure to love them just as you love your cat! We now have items for both the cat lovers of the world and their kitties, check them out here


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