Feb 22, 2020

Throw a cucumber at a cat and you might have fun seeing her reaction. She is sure to jump, roll, make a weird sound, or flee within a minute. This is a common tendency of the cats to be worried about something that comes up without making any sound. Cats are afraid of anything unknown as it seems to be a predator for them. Be it a cucumber or a snake – both are equally dangerous to them.

Are cats scared of cucumbers?

Cats are extremely alert and sharp animals as they can keep guard of themselves. Their awareness makes it important for them to be terrified of anything that is unknown to them.

You may have come across a lot of YouTube videos or Facebook videos where a cat has faced a cucumber and is terrified to the level of infinity. You must have laughed heartily and shared it. Indeed such videos are cute and funny and they have already gone viral over the internet. Every time someone shares such a video, people come rushing to react and share the video.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Have you ever wondered why cats tend to hold such a fear toward cucumbers? Do you know why a cat behave in such a weird way and why do they flee away once confronted with a cucumber?

Perhaps not! Although we don't have a definitive reason back by science, we do have a couple thoughts with some additional backing information that provides some reasons why. 

1. Some cats are afraid of green color

Trust us or not, some cats are afraid of green color and they are terrified of any green object appears to them. This is nothing unusual if you consider that some human beings too are afraid of some colors. This is also the natural tendency of the cats as well. They feel insecure about the dark green color, they are already alarmed when seeing a cucumber due to the color. 

2. Cats sees cucumber as snakes

While as a human being you may feel there is enough difference between a cucumber and a snake, there is hardly any difference between the duo for a cat. In fact, even we sometimes get confused between a snake and rope, so can we really blame a feline for this confusion. In fact, is you look closely, cucumbers do have a similar shape of a snake. This terrifies the cats and naturally, they flee. Well, who would not be afraid of a snake!

3. Cucumber has a weird texture

There is a basic difference between other fruits and cucumber. Most fruits are round in shape, take for example mango, guava, pomegranate, apple, and the list goes on. These fruits are round in shape and have smooth textures. They resemble like balls to a cat and she prefers to play with it. But cucumber has a weird shape. It is long in shape and has a rough and dark texture. This scares the cat and she flees readily. Well, we have pity for her!

So...are they afraid?

While it’s not unusual for the pet owners to play with the pet and prank them time and again, we dare you not to scare a cat with a cucumber. Let us explain to you why. What is your deepest and darkest fear? Suppose, you are afraid of cockroaches and someone scares you by throwing a cockroach on your body. Or even, what is someone throws a fake clay cockroach on your outfit? It is sure to scare you and you will end up screaming and shouting. That same experience happens to a cat, so its not a recommended scenario. Plus, there's enough videos and images to see what happens, we don't need another. 

Why you shouldn’t scare a cat with a cucumber?

Now, this is exactly the case that happens to a cat once you throw a cucumber at its face. Not only that, you can be preoccupied with other engagement and forget all about the cockroach incident after some time. Maybe it will spring up once or twice very randomly. But unlike a human being, a pet animal like a cat has a very little scope of doing an activity. This reflects in their daily chores. Have you seen them doing anything other than playing with a ball of wool, scratching you, eating, and taking a nap? Well, not really right? They have very little activity throughout the day. This is why they stay engrossed with the traumatic experience for long and it haunts them.  

Do not scare the cat or play pranks using a cucumber

Not only that, a cat can be traumatized and fall sick in the long run. A simple (according to you) cucumber can produce an extremely adverse effect on the health of the cat and raise its blood pressure level. Such prolonged stress can be extremely harmful for the cat. 

How can you resist from scaring a cat with cucumber unknowingly?

We admit your concern of not scaring a cat, but in spite of your effort, sometimes, you may scare a cat unintentionally with a cucumber? How? Suppose a situation where you are making salads for your guests or for your keto diet, and the cat suddenly appears. It can create a mess when the cat suddenly jumps up. Also, the cat can harm herself if you have choppers, knife or other such sharp instruments lying around. How will you save yourself and the cat from such a messy and dangerous situation?

No worry. We got you covered. We can tell you how to avoid such a clumsy situation and keep yourself and your lovely ball of fur safe and secure. When you are busy dealing with cucumber, make sure to keep the cat engaged with something else. A single ball of wool can do that for you. Also, we recommend you to find a calm and quiet room, and not the kitchen while chopping the cucumber as the cat may come searching for you otherwise.

Although we all hear of the meme and see all the videos, it's clear that cucumbers are not the best toy to play with cats. We suggest using other methods to play with them, ones that won't be as jarring and scary to them.


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