Mar 20, 2017
  1. First things first, you’ll need some kind of sign that shows the world you’re a cat lover. A welcome mat with cats is the best way to do that:

    Cat Print Welcome Floor Mat


  2. Next, when you’re showing everyone around your purrfectly catified home, you’ll want to serve them tea, in a cat mug, of course:

    Cat Whiskers Glass Coffee Cup


  3. Lighting can make or break your home, so you’ll definitely want to get that right! What better way to set the mood than a cat shaped light. It even has 7 different colour settings to choose from:

    Colourful Cat LED Night Light


  4. Having a cool and comfortable place to catch up with your friends on all the latest cat news is super important. So make sure you pick up some of these cat-themed cushion covers for the purrfect hang out:

    Lovely Decorative Cat Cushion Covers


  5. Most importantly, you should have a 100% cat themed wardrobe. So when you open the doors to the walk-in, there’s no mistaking your love of cats.

    Meow Sweatshirt


  6. That includes items of clothing that people can’t always see, y’know, just in case!? So that means socks too:

    Unique Kitten Print Cotton Socks


  7. You’ll need some statement jewellery too. You’re an expressive person, naturally, so you talk a lot with your hands. Make sure you have a knock-out cat ring on show:

    Full Circle Sterling Silver Cat Ring


  8. Are you always caught searching for a scrap piece of paper to write down all your plans? Then search no more, these cat sticky notes are purrrfect for you:

    Cat Stationary


  9. To make sure you’re never caught ‘cat-less’, you’ll want to have something you can take everywhere with you, something useful, practical and pretty. A cat shaped thermos is exactly what you need: 

    Cartoon Cat Themed Thermos


 We hope you have enjoyed this blog post and it has given you some inspiration for catifying your home. We'd love to see your pictures in the comments! 

Go on, have a go at some total catification!

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