Nov 02, 2016
If you’re a cat owner, you don’t need us to tell you that your cat, or cats, has made your life much better. Some of the naysaying dog lovers may disagree, but we have the science to back it up. 

If you’re thinking about owning a cat, you’ll soon learn a few reasons why you should. While cats require attention and care, they’re easier and cheaper to take care of than dogs, and come with a slew of health benefits. Their purrs can make you feel calmer, and despite being nocturnal, they may help you sleep better at night. 

Check out this infographic to learn all about the secret benefits cats have to offer. If you want a cat afterwards, head over to your local shelter and see which furry friend works best with you. It’ll be a decision you soon won’t regret, whether you have no cats or have dozens. If you’d like to see more of the scientific details, check out Catological for the original infographic and article!

22 Ways Cats make us happier and healthier - Catify


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