Nov 17, 2017

Life is all about having fun. That's something that my family always talked about as we were jokesters. That same concept applies here. It is a must to really let yourself go and just enjoy the world a bit. Now, if you're a cat lover who likes to have fun or know someone with these characteristics, continue reading. 

As a cat owner myself, I am obsessed with everything and anything cat related. However, like most people, I have a particular obsession with funny and adorable items. If you feel the same way, then I've identified 5 funny cat owner gifts that you will enjoy and get a good laugh out of. By the way, these are also all fantastic present choices if you're looking for something to get those loved ones laughing.

Must Have Funny Cat Owner Gifts List

1. Squishy Cat Case

The concept of this phone case isn't new. Fun, squishy, gelatinous- like items are not only a reminder of the elementary- school days but allow you to play and enjoy them as well. Depending on how creative you are, you can make someone laugh, snicker, or outright roll on the floor howling with these adorable squishy cat cases. Here's a GIF to really show it off well!



2. Cool Cat Messenger Bag

Though I have only listed one in the topic above, the cool cat bags are a series of messenger bags, shoulder bags, and laptop bags. They are adorned with a handsome cat wearing cool, reflective shades. These are cool but funny enough to make anyone laugh at a first glance-- and even do a double take!

This is the purrfect product to hold your all your important devices (laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc.) while giving those around you a good laugh. Whether you are taking this to college, work, or a stroll around town, everyone will get a big laugh and lots of enjoyment out of these cool cat bags.  

3. Colorful Neon Earrings

What better way to get someone laughing than to wear bright neon earrings of cats jumping through your ears? These colorful cute cat earrings are one of most popular and frequently bought earrings. No wonder, it looks like there are bright, cute cats jumping out of your ears with their arms out almost as if they are asking for a big hug. Would you be able to resist a hug from an adorable cat? Considering us cat lovers give our feline friends unwanted hugs all the time, I don't think we would be able to. With several colors to choose from, they will work with any outfit while making your friends laugh hysterically in the process! 

4. Two Tone Cat Sweater

I absolutely love this Two Tone Cat Sweater and so do all of my friends. For good reason too. All my friends with black cats swear that this sweater looks just like their own feline friends. They get a laugh out of the bright blue and neon yellow colors. They especially gush at the black cat on the front with its big innocent eyes. You will attract a lot of attention and laughs with this funny Two Tone Cat Sweater. It will make you happy every time you wear this and anyone who sees it too. Can you say no to these big beautiful eyes? We can't! 

5. LED Cat Night Light

Do you like playing with squishy things? Poking at them and maybe getting a laugh out of your kids in the process? One of my favorites are the Colorful Cat LED Night Lights. 


Although the name says they are for 'kids', I too often get a laugh out of these night lights by poking the squishy cat tummy and pushing the ears in just to poke them out later. It is a perfect gift for kids. This funny neon cat night light will  brighten up the darkness in a kid's room while giving the kids a nice laugh before bed. 

They say laughter is the best medicine. For us cat lovers, watching our cats jump around or watching cute cat videos are suffice. But when we are not around our cats or cat videos, having funny cat products near can help you get in the healthy laughs and making others laugh in the process-- anywhere! 

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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  • Posted On November 28, 2017 by Jackson

    I personally think this would be a great addition. It’s pretty much my go to mug for this LOL

  • Posted On November 28, 2017 by Laura P.

    Hah these are pretty funny gifts. I think I would actually use the messenger bag, it’s more “cool” then “funny”. Still really loved all the products here!

  • Posted On November 28, 2017 by Jannet

    I have the squishy phone case and they are the best! The only problem is that if you drop it or leave it in a dirty area it can get dirty pretty quick. Still, it’s hilarious and worth the laugh with your friends.

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