Nov 14, 2017

Christmas is just around the corner and it's a great time to start thinking about the best gifts for your loved ones: partners, friends, siblings and more! If you're here, then you have to be someone who loves cats or know a fellow cat lover. As someone who has two cats, I would say I have enough experience with cats to know exactly what they are looking for!

kittens sleeping in christmas clothes

I usually channel my inner feline social skills as I'll be in my room until I get too hungry or hear the crumple of wrapped presents. The problem is that no one really knows what make good Christmas gifts for cat lovers like me. Coming from a crazy cat lover, here are five awesome presents that you can give any cat lover (whether that's yourself or a loved one). 

Cat Themed Sweaters! 

Sweaters are incredibly popular in our shop and there are a few reasons for that. Remember when I talked about not socializing and staying in our rooms? Well most of the time we are cuddling and staying cozy with our cats. What do cats love? Warm, fuzzy, cat themed sweaters!

Not only are sweaters a great gift idea but you can guarantee it will be used once gifted. Why? It tends to be cold around this time and there is no-one who wouldn't want to show off their new cute kitty sweatshirt. You'll probably be the greatest mom, sister, friend, aunt, grandma, etc ever. 

Here's three popular sweatshirts that we felt others would love the most.

1. Two Tone Cat Sweater

This sweatshirt is one of our most viewed and bought sweaters. It's simple but also cute and shows off the adorable power of kitties. We do recommend to order a size up as they come a bit small! 

"We just LOVE this yellow and blue two-tone sweatshirt, featuring a black cat graphic to the front. Be the coolest cat lover out there and get one for you and a friend." 


2. Stop Stressin' Sweater

Usually the weeks before the holidays are the worst. Companies are trying to meet deadlines and finish projects. Colleges have their finals since it is the end of the first semester. It is always a good time to remember that it doesn't help to let the stress build up. Relax a bit and remind yourself to unwind during the holidays with this sweater. 

"The purrfect go-to top for any season. If you can't say it, wear it.  Stop stressing meowt guys.... Cats exist, life is good!"


3. Crazy Cat Lady Sweater

I would consider this one of the greatest gifts you can give for the fanatical kitty lovers. These sweaters show off that passion, the love, and the craziness. Get this for someone who is obsessed with cats and needs a way to express it! 

"What better way to let the world know you're a CRAZY CAT LADY! Get all your BFF's to buy one. Then you can walk around in a gang of cat lovers. Why wouldn't you want to shout it from the rooftops??"

Jewelry for Cat Lovers

Another excellent choice would be jewelry of any kind. They make great stocking stuffers or just cute little presents. We carry all different types of cat accessories including earrings, rings, necklaces, and more. These presents are pretty and won't break the bank. 

Sometimes it's the small things that really count. Although I won't go all out and wear a cat costume, I'll always have small accessories showing off my love for cats. If you or your cat lover is the same way, then I would suggest getting jewelry. 

Specifically, we love our colorful cute cat earrings which are only $7.99. You can find more deals here! Oh yeah, these also come in just about every color imaginable, so I am sure you will find the perfect gift. 


"Cat lovers check out these cute brightly colored earrings. This adorable accessory comes in nine different colors."

Now I know of some people who don't like earrings. There is another item that would replace my initial suggestion. The Opal Cat Necklace was selected by the community. It is also our best seller for necklaces and would be a fantastic present for a cat lover. 

"We reached out to our loyal customers and gave them the opportunity to contribute, and here we are with the most liked design! This pendant comes with a free 18 inch chain to complete the pawsomeness."


The Gift of Giving 

It is always a surprise to me whenever I see the feedback from our customers. We love to see the joy and surprise of our customers when they get their gifts. Our products are so unique that the gift givers tend to get complimented often. 

We are also available to help you decide. If you have questions about size, shipping, what looks better, etc, feel free to contact us. After all, you have to be a crazy cat lover to know one. 

I hope you enjoy these Christmas gift ideas for cat lovers! As always, please continue visiting us as we love our fans and customers! Let us know what your favorite Catify present has been! 


Happy Holidays from Catify! 

It's the holidays and just like our fans we love to give as well. Use the code CATLOVER10 for 10% off ANY item in the store. Plus it'll come with free shipping globally. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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