Nov 30, 2017

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We have all experienced this at one point or another. You wake up in the middle of the night feeling warmer than usual. You notice something ticking the side of your cheek. You turn over to find your cat cuddled up next to you on the pillow. Is your pillow your cat's favorite sleeping spot? Ever wonder why your cat loves to sleep on your pillow? Keep reading for our insight! 



Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons why your cat sleeps on your pillow is for the warmth. We may notice that our cats tend to cuddle with us more often during those cold winter nights. Your head is one of the warmest parts of your body. As you have probably heard, heat escapes your head. A cat cuddles closer to your head to obtain some of the escaped heat. Cats' body temperature tends to be warmer than ours and they need to maintain homeostasis, just as we do. Therefore, they nuzzle in next to our heads on the pillow for some added warmth. Having a soft and comfy pillow is also appealing to cats as it is comfortable. When I adopted my first cat, Precious, she slept on my fleece-lined body body pillow for the first couple months, only leaving for the essentials such as feeding and nature calling. Otherwise, especially during the cold Michigan-winter months, she was always on the pillow. At times, she was cuddled next to me while others she was just there for the warmth and comfort. I don't blame her, I wish I could have skipped class to cuddle with her! 

kittens cuddling on the bed together


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Another reason why cats love to sleep on your pillow is to show affection. Typically when we sleep, our head tends to be the most exposed part of our bodies. Cats nuzzle in next to our heads to show their love. It is the prime spot to knead the pillow, purr close to your ear and even get in a lick or two. My cat, Jimmy, loves to cuddle with us at night. You can hear him purr as he licks our heads, showing us just how much he cares about us. Its hard to believe that some people think cats are not affectionate! 

grey cat sleeping on the bed

Trust & Protection 

Since cats are adorable creatures and make fantastic pets, it is hard to remember that their lineage includes wild and feral felines such as lions and leopards. However, since this is the case, they do display some behaviors that are similar to their ferocious counterparts. Cats like to be higher up on the bed not only to display dominance but keep an eye out for any danger that may arise. Ever wonder why your feline friend sleeps with their back to your? You might get tired of swatting their tail out of your face or turning your head to find their behind too close for comfort. Though we humans may find this annoying, we should also feel content. This means your cat trusts you enough to put their vulnerable side towards you, while keeping their ears open and paws ready for any perils that may lurk beyond the comforts of your bed. 



So the next time you wake up to your cat sleeping on your pillow and cuddling your face, fret not! Just remember that they are doing this because they love you and want to show you how much they care about you!  

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  • Posted On August 04, 2019 by Charlie

    My cat Gracie runs and sits on my pillow once I am in bed. She licks my hair and purrs for a long time, then she finds my leg and plops down on it and sleeps the rest of the night, her head facing the bedroom door. It took a while to gain her trust when I rescued her. When I come into any room she was the first to run for cover. Things have changed, 9 years later!

  • Posted On March 09, 2019 by Judi Hershel

    Her Royal Highness The Princess Arwen Evenstar rarely sleeps ON my pillow, but up against it, I always thank her for guarding the bed.

    Might it also be because it smells like me?

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