Mar 14, 2018

If you're a cat owner, you probably know that your feline friend is an amalgam of quirky habits. Perhaps you wonder why your cat rubs against your leg, your computer, the desk, heck- even your phone! Maybe you wonder why your cat scratches your carpets. Ever think of why they knead you? Read on! We have compiled a short and quick guide as to why cats have these six quirky habits. 


1. Rub against you

You may have noticed your cat rubbing themselves against you, furniture, even your cellphone and computer. Well, cats have glands on their forehead, cheeks, chin, and tails (to name a few places) that secrete pheromones. These pheromones are a way for cats to communicate with one another and help the cat mark its territory. It also allows a cat to familiarize itself with the objects or area it is in.

When you return from a long day of work, does your cat greet you at the door by rubbing against your legs? Why, you might wonder when they've already done this plenty of times? Well, when you are outside of your abode, you may pick up other scents throughout the day. Your cat (or cats) simply do this to mark you as their human-- as a part of their group and reinforce their scent. 


2. Scratching

We've all bid adieu to  a loved piece of furniture here and there because it became a practice dummy for our cat's claws. They can't help it! It is instinctive behavior that neither of us can do much about.

There are a couple reasons why our cats like to remodel our furniture. 

  • Mark their territory as they have pheromone sweat glands in their paws
  • remove the dead outer layer of their claws 
  • to stretch and flex their claws (hey, who can blame them? We all love yoga..)

Rather than get flustered with your feline furriend, be sure to provide them alternative locations to do this such as a scratching post. Hopefully, they will spare your furniture. 


3. Kneading

Let's face it: our cats love kneading us.  Whether that is in the wee hours of the morning, when we are working, or when we need some love and cuddles. Though scientists are not quite sure why, there are a few theories out there. This may be a behavior maintained from the cat's kitten days during nursing to stimulate milk flow. Some say adult cats knead as a sign of happiness and comfort as they had felt during nursing. It could also be because cats have sweat glands on their paws and are marking you with their scent as their human. Finally, some say that ancestral wild cats used this behavior to settle bedding in order to rest or give birth. Perhaps our little kitties do the same as a way of settling down. 


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4. Eat Grass

 My cat has created a new habit of bolting out the door as soon as I come home. At first I was frantic. But now I realize that she runs to the patch of grass two feet away and will sit there chewing and eating it. Why?

  • Digestive health: Does it ever perplex you that your cat eats large amounts of grass and minutes later, leaves you with a mess to clean? Well, cats do this on purpose to clear their stomach of any fur, residual bones, parasites, or anything else that may be causing an upset stomach. 
  • Laxative: Yes! Who knew? Eating grass can act as a natural laxative and help along the bowel movement, especially if there is anything such as excessive fur obstructing this. 


5. Hate Water

Though most cat owners accept a cat's aversion to water as a fact- this is not entirely true! Though some cats develop a distaste for water due to their ancestral behaviors, most cats can develop a dislike if their exposure to it has been predominantly negative: a loud rainstorm, a forced bath, or another scary event. However, if your cat is used to you bathing it in a comforting and calm environment, it might even enjoy a bath. 


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6. Love Boxes

(& other small enclosed objects)

My cat loves hiding in small spaces: my suitcase when I am preparing for a trip, the amazon package box as soon as I open it, even in my dresser drawers if I forget to close them. All cats have this quirky habit. One major reason for this is safety and comfort. Just as their ancestors had in the past, cats are drawn to small enclosed spaces as a protective behavior and as a way to stalk prey from the shadows. After all, once you throw their favorite cat nip infused toy in front, they dart out to grab it and then return once again to the shadows. Finally, just as we like to cuddle into our blankets and sleep on one corner of the bed rather than take up the entire queen size, our cats do the same. A small space allows them to cuddle into it and even retain their heat on those cold mornings. 

 Cat in a boot

Well, here we are! A list of some the most quirkiest habits of a cat AND an explanation as to why they exist. Does your cat have any quirky habits? Let us know in the comments below! 

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