May 27, 2017

1. Cats are low maintenance 

Just give them enough food, water, and love and they’re good to go! They shower themselves and have their own mini-bathroom too. 


2. They make great cuddle buddies. 

Contrary to popular belief, cats love to snuggle and receive attention. But, they are not very needy, so if you need time to yourself, your cat will be happy to leave you alone.



3. They make fantastic teachers! 

Getting a cat will definitely show you how to enjoy the little things in life. When life gets hectic, just follow in a cat’s footsteps: find a sunny spot in your home, stretch out, and bask in the sunlight!



4. They’re funny and playful


Grab a laser or even a simple string of yarn and watch them go crazy! 



5. They’re the BFF you never had.

Petting cats has been known to have therapeutic effects on stress. Studies are also finding that a cat’s purring is at an ideal frequency to have healing effects on the body as well. Plus, they will never give you the wrong advice!



In short, cats are purr-fect! Did we convince you to get one? Share a picture of your new friend with us on Instagram! #catifyco 

-Catify Team

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