Jan 08, 2018

Soft fur, cute paws, and disdainful little meows when they aren’t getting enough snuggles. Is there a better companion than a cat? With graceful moves and a haughty attitude that hides within an exterior of pure fluff, our favourite animal is a delightful mix of lazy, beautiful, and just the right dose of wicked. Whether you’re a cat lover yourself or you know a cat parent, getting the perfect gift is always a joy. You want to see someone’s face light up when they open it, and we’re here to help. If you want some inspiration on what to get for your friends (or yourself), here’s a sweet little list of cool presents for every cat lover out there.

Cat stockings


Cat-themed clothing is always an excellent choice, especially if you pick something as cute as cat stockings. A nice pattern that shows off your love for your fur babies is going to look great paired with a short skirt and some nice shoes. It’s really a good gift for someone who enjoys adorable clothes because it’s a way to spice up their winter wardrobe and make everything a lot more fun.

Cat accessories for humans

Cat earrings, necklaces, safety pins, bracelets, or bags – you’ve got a ton of options! From delicate pieces that look quite elegant, to fun, crazy jewellery that’s perfect for the lady who loves some bling. Why not get your friend a chain necklace in shape of a cat or maybe a spacious bag where she can keep all her things? Cat lovers are numerous so finding nice pieces really isn’t all that difficult, and you have a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Pencil case

Do you have a friend who loves to draw? A cat-themed pencil case will make them very happy, or perhaps a cat-themed makeup bag so they can keep their favourite lipstick and mascara in a bright little cat bag.

Phone covers

An iPhone case with cat drawings and patterns a great gift for pretty much anyone. Come on, cats are super cute. Who wouldn’t want to smile at the cover with a pretty fluffy cat each time they check their phone?

Food supplies


A supply of cat food is always going to be a welcome gift for a cat owner, especially if you pick high-quality, organic products. A package of carefully chosen natural cat food is a great idea because it’s made of excellent ingredients and most cats are bound to love it. Besides, this is a gift both for the owner and their pet, and your friend will be delighted that you actually thought of the cat’s wellbeing and happiness.

Crazy cat lady t-shirt

We’re all a little crazy about our pets. Own it ladies, and get a cool shirt that proudly proclaims your love for these furry bundles of joy. A slouchy black shirt can be paired with a ton of stuff, so you’ll be getting a gift that has a lot of versatility and just looks so damn cute that your friend will want to wear it every day.


When you’re lounging at home and snuggling with your pet, you want to be comfortable. What better way to do that than to relax with style and get a pair of cat-themed leggings? Just like all our other clothing suggestions, it’s super sweet, silly, and it’s hard to go wrong with it.

Cat mug

This is a simple, inexpensive gift, but it’s also really funny and cool. A mug with cat whiskers or even a cat thermos is a great way for them to enjoy their morning coffee (or tea) and smile at the silliness as they remember you fondly.

There you go, we hope this list helps. As you can see, shopping for cat lovers is really not that difficult. Just get them something thematic and they’re bound to love it! 

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